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University Courses

Our programs are structured to prepare young students, business owners, professionals, executives, directors and individuals who want to earn a specific degree granted by recognized and accredited universities, for personal or work needs.

The role of International Studies Ltd is to provide university courses under the control and supervision of our partner universities and help students preparing their exams and final thesis also through the web and with a personalized tutorial service.

The degree is then issued by the university.

The university courses are delivered both online (through our e-learning area, developed using the Moodle learning platform, accessible at the following link: and in classroom.

International Studies Ltd maintains partnership with the universities and provides assistance in studying the courses that are normally held in English.
The areas of study related to the university courses are as follows:

  • BA, Economics & Management
  • Civil, Industrial & Technology
  • Environmental, Science & IT
  • Human, Health & Forensic Sciences

University courses
The licensed and accredited British and foreign universities we partner with, legally constituted in compliance with their homeland laws, can issue:

- Bachelor's Degree
- Master's Degree
- Doctorate

valid in the scope of the regulations of these universities.
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Professional Courses

Professional courses

International Studies Ltd has developed a range of short and medium term courses with technical contents of current utility, with lessons given either by e-learning platform and in the classroom, in the following areas:

- welding (with emphasis on process technologies such as fundamentals of welding, measuring methodology in construction processes, safety in welding, symbology, metallurgy, writing of WPS/WPQR, welding of non-ferrous metals, Welding Coordinator qualification, Welding Engineer);

- non-destructive testing (with qualification in VT, PT and MT according to ISO 9712 and Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A);

- auditing (Qualified Internal/Lead Auditor for management systems);

- construction (with particular reference to EN 1090-1 and Eurocodes);

Courses related to the welding and construction area were qualified by a certification body; those relating to auditing and non-destructive tests by a certification body and personnel qualification.

For some programs, at the final exam of the course, there is the issue of the certification of skills, i.e. the ability to capitalize on the knowledge and skills for a certain role.

- Through education and training, the candidate develops, according to his/her capacity, the ability required for a particular activity

- The experience gained over the years allows you to refine your skills and increase your professionalism

- Continuing professional development becomes, according to what above mentioned, essential for professionals
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