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To attend a professional course is ideal for achieving a clear career goal, since such training is oriented to increase and improve personal skills to perform a given profession or a particular task.

The achievement of a professional qualification, therefore, provides evidence of the attainment of skills needed to work in a specific industry or hire a particular role.

If attested by a personnel or system certification body, this qualification takes a special importance as internationally recognized.

Candidates will have the opportunity to follow our professional courses online or in classroom in various languages and, using that method and quality content, they will attain advanced knowledge for supervisory and managerial roles.

Our Courses
Programs relating to welding area are designed both to improve the skills and knowledge already possessed by applicants and to facilitate learning for students who approach this area for the first time.

Basic or introductory courses offer the opportunity to get to know the general rules governing the technology area of the welding, while advanced ones allow applicants to examine particular issues or to prepare themselves to achieve relevant qualifications (such as welders, welders licenses related to procedure qualifications, welding coordinator, welding engineering).
Training activities in the  field of non-destructive testing provided via our online and "ad personam" courses  also include the process of qualification and certification of personnel.
The courses, available for VT,  PT and MT methods, are structured according to both ISO 9712 and the  Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A and held by teachers having extensive experience  in industry.
The subjects taught deal with fundamental  physical phenomena that are the basis of  the different methods of investigation, along  with an extensive discussion of intended applications, supplemented by  practical exercises on the field.
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Our auditor training courses,  certified by ERCA, are available both online and in the classroom and are  designed to provide technical and practical knowledge of the ISO standard of  reference and of the auditing process.
Using interactive learning and  easily accessible methods, we allow candidates to learn quickly and acquire the  necessary proficiency, skill, professionalism and independence to manage audits  in the workplace.
Whether it's quality, or environment, or health and safety, you can learn to acquire the skills to conduct  effective audits of first, second and third part both as an auditor and as a  management consultant.
In the construction sector in such a rapid evolution is increasing the demand for professionals with multiple skills, not least to be able to take responsibility for strategic decisions.

The variety of subjects covered in the programs offered, the interpretation of codes, standards, design of structures, especially in the field of metal constructions, is able to satisfy the widest possible update and request for professional development in relation to the improvement of productivity and efficiency.
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