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The primary goal of our courses is to provide, through their structure, a solid base and interdisciplinary education as well as a good study methodology, also focused on problem solving, on which to engage any further studies and career paths.

Our courses, whose key feature is the multi-disciplinarity, can be provided in classroom or online (using the e-learning methodology) in various languages and with the assistance of qualified tutors.

The trail of students is free, but the constant monitoring by tutors of their activities and the ability to view their achievements, help learners to organize themselves better and to benefit of the course according to the schedule.

University online courses are delivered through our learning platform accessible at the address

Our Courses

Programs related to the area of business management and organization help to understand how companies work, according to different functions (organization, logistics, marketing, finance, manufacturing, etc.), to the type (commercial, manufacturing, services, public administration, etc.) and to the economic environments in which they operate (industrial, financial, public, etc.).

The purpose of these courses is to provide a professional and practical basis to students and transmit them analytical, creative and qualitative experiences, enabling them to enter immediately into managerial positions.
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Traditional training subjects as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Information Technology, typical of these specializations, are integrated with other technical subjects such as Structural Engineering, Design, Manufacturing Technology, Electrotechnics, Architectural Technology, Materials Science, Welding.

The technical degree achieved by candidates, through the interdisciplinary preparation strongly focused on problem solving, will help them to find out the causes and to seek appropriate solutions in their field of specialization.
Teaching plans concerning  this area have been prepared taking into account the needs of both environmental education, related to the various areas about agriculture, the sea, engineering, information technology, focusing on subjects such as Electrotechnics, Fundamentals of Electronics, Automation, Electronic Systems, Telecommunications Networks.
In fact, more and more companies require a specialization in the field of environment and that of Information Technology, that can provide the flexibility to hold positions of various kinds with a skill that can ensure versatility and an overview of the problems.
The  courses aim  to optimize individual  skills and the professional tools to be used in investigations, in the procedural  law, in the field of Psychology, Physiotherapy, Physical Rehabilitation, Foreign  Languages and Literatures, but they also propose methodologies and techniques needed  for the development of primary prevention,  health promotion and social security, knowledge of the humanities, according to  the most modern techniques and emerging experiences available today.
The  topics covered are inspired by concepts of scientific rigor and professionalism  in order to ensure the spreading and application of appropriate  technological methods.
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